“What I LOVE is that a non-musical student can find an appreciation for music due to learning and playing recognizable songs… and the extra math work is just a bonus!”
                                Janelle Gaskell, homeschool parent, MO
“I like the combination of math and music and feel like many of the songs are familiar enough that kids can really know if they are “wrong” quickly – so that immediate feedback was really good. That doesn’t happen with ‘normal’ math problems – you have to wait until you have access to the answer book or the teacher goes over it.”
                               Jay Gaskell, 12
” The kids love it! It is a wonderful reward and provides much needed movement while learning.”
Necia Carroll, 2nd grade teacher, Liberty Pines Academy
“I have tried everything to teach my kids fractions. Have used Musical Math numberline for a little over a week. They are already understanding! Thank you.”
Mary Mullooly, Freedom Academy, NY