How Does it Work?

No Musical Talent or Ability Necessary to Use this Product!

“How To Set it Up” video

  • Choose the song you want to play.
  • Read the math problem, one number at a time,  to the students.
  • Watch them having fun learning math while dancing to the problem!

“A Tisket, A Tasket”  video

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” video

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Lesson Ideas
  •  Name that Tune”:  (teacher led)As a student dances out the math problem on the numberline, classmates calculate the numeric answer on their desk clings while guessing the tune being played.
  • Share Pair: (student led)Students pair together and use the numberline fun to practice math problems.
  • Tap it OutMusically inclined students can take songs that they know, tap them out on the numberline, then create the corresponding math problem to share with classmates.
  • Song Magic: Students can also write their own songs and create the corresponding math problems to share.

 Cross-Curricular Ideas

History:  students can research the history behind the nursery rhymes

Writing:  students can answer the questions in the discussion sections in written form

Public speaking/debate:  students can debate the answers to the questions in the discussion sections

Math:  of course, students are adding and subtracting postive and negative numbers, and are  introduced to fractions!

Music:  students gain insight into tone and pitch;

they gain listening skills when they take songs they are familiar with and work out the melody on the                          numberline;

they use their creative skills when they write their own songs and write the math that goes with it

Physical Education:  they get exercise, using their feet to perform!


Desk clings are available for students to use at their desks

*Found at Toys ‘R Us

** found online at Sears