How Do I Get One?


  • The large numberline is for use with the FAO Schwarz Big Piano, found at Toys ‘R Us
  • The small numberline is for use with the Jobar’s Roll a Piano (with headphone jacks), available at other prices at various locations  (see below for link)
  • Grades K-2 should use the numberline without fractions
  • Grades 3-5 should use the numberline with fractions
  • Kits come with songbook with 40 numerical songs to be calculated and performed


1.  Class set of 25 desk clings…

for individual student use while doing worksheets OR while the class is working on the musical numberline;  keeping these on student desks all the time will help them to develop a sense of patterns in addition and subtraction

2.  large numberline with or without fractions for use with the large floor piano mat…

     for use with full class lesson or pairs of students during free time; it can be stuck on the wall while not in use, or you can just keep it on the piano mat.

3.  small numberline with or without fractions for use with the piano with headphone jack…

     for individual use during free time or when work is finished; students who are  musically inclined will enjoy using this to create their own work

4.  song booklet

Click here to order the cling and booklet

Click here to order the big piano mat

Click here to order the small portable roll-up piano


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