The Musical Math Numberline is a way to teach positives and negatives, adding and subtracting in a way that is simple and fun.  Build numbersense and creativity as a classroom activity or in individual play!

When you order the Musical Math Numberline, you will receive a booklet full of songs that are written as math problems.  You will also receive a numberline that is an overlay to a piano.

“Mary Had a Little Lamb” video

What Can the Musical Math Numberline Do for You?

1.  Make math fun!
2.  Increases the connection between the left and right brain
3.  Increases number sense in children
4.  Takes the “mystery” out of positive and negative numbers
5.  Builds confidence in adding and subtracting
6.  Helps students to find patterns in adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers
7.  Helps those who are artistically inclined to connect with math concepts
8.  Builds teamwork
9.  Helps build problem solving skills
10.  Has built-in cross curricular ideas
11.  Includes many levels of application for different levels of students
12.  Increases excitement about learning

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