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Deb Drum Bowers was raised in the Hudson River Valley town of Catskill, NY where she began playing piano at the age of 5.  Growing up, her mom was a language teacher and dad was a college science and math professor, and music was an important part of family and church life.  Deb sang and accompanied for choruses and choirs from sixth grade through college.  This environment and her passion for learning exercised her logical, artistic and musical skills.

After graduating from high school in Butler, PA in 1987,  Deb attended Butler County Community College and received a B.A. in math from Messiah College.  She received her teaching certificate from St. Vincent College and Duquesne University in Pennsylvania, then continued her education at Bloomsburg University and received her M.S. in Exceptionalities.

Deb has taught for 5 years in Pennsylvania and 14 years in Florida, and currently teaches in St. Johns County in St. Augustine, Florida.  She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Tom, who is a youth Pastor, and sings in and accompanies the Village Church Choir.

“My love for teens is my motivation to make education life-based.  Most teens who dislike math had a bad experience in elementary school.  I use rhythms, songs, and dance in my math class to connect with artistic and kinesthetic learners and for those who are willing to just plain have fun.”

Deb believes that God made each child with both a logical and artistic sense and gave each child unique gifting.  Her mission is to build tools that help children of all learning styles and giftedness build bridges between these thought processes to increase creativity and help release their full potential.

We hope you enjoy building these bridges using the Musical Math Numberline.  Please be sure to send comments and questions and share success stories on our web site: www.musicalmathnumberline.com

You may also contact Deb Bowers at:  debb@musicalmathnumberline.com